Most people keeping beach balls in the air
Coordinadora de Peñas de Valladolid
14993 people

The most people keeping beach balls in the air is 14,993 and was achieved by Coordinadora de Peñas de Valladolid, in Valladolid, Spain, on 2 September 2012. Every year, vast numbers of Valladolid's citizens gather to earn themselves a Guinness World Records mass-participation certificate. In recent years, we've seen the locals stage a giant water-pistol fight (2,671 people in 2007), lick a lot of lollipops (12,831 in 2008), dress en masse as Cupids (199 in 2009), twirl flags (35,000 in 2010) and fan themselves (15,000 in 2011). Nivea was the main sponsor of the event.