Most musicians to play the same piano simultaneously
Stavros Kyriakides, Kyriakides Piano Gallery, Avantgarde Cultural Foundation
25 people
Cyprus (Nicosia)

The most musicians to play the same piano simultaneously is 25, achieved by Stavros V. Kyriakides, Kyriakides Piano Gallery and Avantgarde Cultural Foundation (all Cyprus) in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 5 July 2023.

This attempt was organised to help increase music awareness and audience development in Cyprus. The 26 musicians (25 performers and one composer) were brought in from different music schools around the country and split into three groups: 8 for the treble register, 8 for the middle register and 9 for the low (bass) register of the piano. They began joint rehearsals in May 2023, and practiced for over 21 hours in preparation for the attempt.

The 25 participating musicians were: Ms. Elena Christou, Mr. Avraam Kontos, Ms. Chryso Hadjikou, Ms. Annie Trillidou Santi, Mr. Andronikos Drousiotis, Ms. Despo Karantonis, Ms. Elina Antoniou, Ms. Anna Forari, Ms. Antigoni Komodromou, Mr. Constantinos Aspris, Ms. Romy Kieslinger, Mr. Christos Limperopoulos, Ms. Christiana Kounni, Mr. Matin Bassami, Ms. Evrydiki Nicolaou, Ms. Maria Matheou, Ms. Rodoula Panayidou, Mr. Kyriacos Panayiotou, Ms. Kyriaki Steliou, Ms. Vaso Vanezou, Ms. Christie Pavlou Symeonidou, Ms. Anthi Papaphilippou, Mr. Andreas Michalopoulos, Ms. Leoni Hadjithoma, Mr. Borislav Alexandrov.