Most kisses in one minute by a pair
Kumiko Shiratori, Cherry Yoshitake
277 total number
Japan (Osaka)

The most kisses in one minute by a pair was 277 and was achieved by Cherry Yoshitake aka Mr Cherry and Kumiko Shiratori (both Japan) on the set of Shinkon-san Irasshai in Osaka, Osaka, Japan, on 8 August 2020.

Shinkon-san Irrashai (“Welcome, Newlyweds”) started broadcasting on January 31, 1971 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020. The MC, Bunshi Katsura, who is a veteran rakugo comic storyteller, has achieved the GWR title for "the world's longest running TV talk show" in 2015 for this show.

More than 4,500 newlyweds have participated the program. Mr Cherry, who holds 18 GWRs including today's attempt, and his wife were planning their wedding ceremony but had to cancel due to the COVID-19. Instead, they decided to attempt the record and celebrated their wedding during the show. Some 25 comedians participated the show online.