Most jigsaw-puzzle pieces tattooed on the body (male)
2123 total number
United States ()
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

Artist The Enigma (USA) has 2,123 jigsaw puzzle pieces tattooed on his body as measured on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 13 April 2011. The Enigma, born Paul Lawrence, is a sideshow performer, actor, and musician who has undergone extensive body modification, including horn implants, ear reshaping, multiple body piercings, and a full-body jigsaw-puzzle tattoo. His tattooing process began on December 20, 1992, under the needle of "Katzen the Tiger Lady, whom he later married, and has since divorced. The Enigma was raised in Seattle and began studying music when he was six years old. In 1991, he was a founding member of the Jim Rose Circus, with which he toured until 1998. The Enigma then toured with Katzen, playing music and doing sideshow performances under the moniker "Human Marvels". He performed at Universal Studios Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights event in fall 2007, performing various tricks with fire, power tools, and blades.