Most films seen in one year
Maggie Correa-Avilés
1132 total number
Puerto Rico (San Juan)

The most films seen in one year is 1,132 and was achieved by Maggie Correa-Avilés (Puerto Rico) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010. Maggie watched 138 films in January, 190 in February, 129 in March, 126 in April, 77 May, 140 June, 109 in July, 57 August, 74 in September, 22 in October, 36 in November and 34 in December.

Maggie Correa-Avilés is an attorney in Puerto Rico and has been a movie enthusiast since her early childhood. Her father was a movie actor in Mexico during the 1950's and 1960's. Furthermore, for the last two years Maggie has been a member of Puerto Rico's selection committee for the Oscar's Foreign Language Film category.

Throughout the year, Maggie watched most of the films with her small dog Morgana the Boston terrier. The first film she watched at the start of her the year was Bell, Book and Candle (1959) and the last film she watched was The Little Fockers (2010).