Largest female motor sports event
The Times Group , Lavasa Corporation Limited
934 people
India (Mumbai)
The most female participants in a motor sports event is 934 and was achieved by The Times of India and Lavasa Corporation Ltd. (both India), in Lavasa, India, on 22 February 2014. Lavasa Women's Drive, conducted by IARC, was a regulation rally held on two separate courses between Mumbai and Lavasa, and Pune and Lavasa. The winners of the Mumbai - Lavasa route were driver Hemal Yogesh Sawant and co-driver Meera Parmeshwaran Warrier (both India) and the winners of the Pune - Lavasa route were driver Anaheeta Sidwa and co-driver Latha Santosh (both India). The drive is an annual affair held in the aid of women's cancer awareness.