Most family members to graduate from the same university

Most family members to graduate from the same university
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Francis Wuensche Holden, Bobby Wied, Kelly Wied Mann, Reagan Mann, Karen Wied Simnacher, Andrew Simnacher, Cindy Wuensche Thornton, Derek Holden, Amber Wuensche Parker, Chris Wuensche, Keeton Mitchell, Haley Mitchell, Angie Heitmeier, Jennifer Phy, Eric Pierce, April Ehlers, Britt Wuensche, Lauren Adams, Kaylyn Adams, Amy Adams, Mallory Adams, Craig Wuensche, Paul Ehlers, Brenan Ehlers, Keely Ehlers, Kolton Ehlers, Amber McWhirter, Thomas Wuensche, Norris Wuensche, Kristi Wuensche, Kim Wuensche Vann, Kyley Wuensche, Taylor Vann, Wendy Wuensche Armes, Stefanie Wuensche Turnbow, Amy Wuensche Alexander, Arthur Wuensche, Paul Nordbrock, Paul Schafer, Jayson Dunn, Christopher Betts, Kami Betts Slaback, Virginia Wuensche McKay, Gina Wuensche Gillmore
44 total number
United States (Lubbock)
01 July 2022

The most family members to graduate from the same university is 44, and was achieved by members of the Wuensche family (USA), who graduated from Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, Texas, USA, as verified in July 2022.

Amber Wuensche Parker read an article on the previous record-holders (40 remembers) and posted it to a Facebook group the Wuensche family use to keep in touch. They soon realised between them there were enough Texas Tech graduates to break the record, so began collecting evidence for their claim.

On achieving this record, Amber commented "So many of the Wuensche family members are VERY excited about this attempt. The 100th anniversary of Texas Tech University is in 2023, and should we attain this world record, we hope to be recognized at a Texas Tech football game as honorable guests and Guinness World Records title holders".

Aside from the direct family members to have graduated from Texas Tech, there are an additional 14 spouses who have also done so!