Most expensive tank
K2 Black Panther
8500000 US dollar(s)
Korea (Republic of) ()

The K2 Black Panther main battle tank is a completely new tank produced in South Korea. It will enter production in 2009 and, although originally some 680 were planned for the ROK army, currently the number has been reduced to 390. According to the Agency for Defence Development, the cost of a single tank is around 8,300,000 Korean won or approximately US$8.5 million (£5.96 million) making it the most expensive tank to date. It has a three-man crew, a 1,500 hp engine that enables the tank to achieve 70 km/hr (43.5 mph) on paved roads and 50 km/hr (31 mph) off-road, a 120 mm.55 calibre stabilised smooth bore gun and had has the ability to cross reviers up to 4.1 metres (13.45 feet) deep.