Most expensive sheep
Deveronvale Perfection
231000 UK pound(s) sterling
United Kingdom ()
The highest price ever achieved for a sheep is £231,000 ($369,000), paid by Jimmy Douglas for the eight-month-old Texel tup, Deveronvale Perfection, in Lanark, Scotland, in August 2009. Bred in Banffshire sheep farmer Graham Morrison, this very valuable sheep will be used for breeding purposes.

It was reported in September 2011 that a single Dolan sheep - a rare breed of only ca.1,000 – was up for sale in China, where the highest bid received was for 14 million yuan (£1.4 million), although no sale was agreed. Top sheep can secure upwards of 300,000 yuan (£30,300) for one dose of semen. See