Most expensive set of lighters
S. T. Dupont
500000 euro(s)
France (Paris)
The most expensive set of lighters was sold for 500,000 Euros ($677,995; £417,910) by S.T. Dupont (France) to a private buyer on 25 November 2013. The 'Louise XIII Fleur de Parme' set is composed of two lighters, a table lighter (300,000 Euros) and a pocket lighter (200,000 Euros).

The table lighter carries a royal crown and stands on a base. It is made of 400 g solid gold and set with 27 princess-cut sapphires (9 carats), 10 cabochon-cut sapphires (13 carats). The crown has 40 brilliant-cut sapphires (12 carats) and the base has 72 brilliant-cut sapphires (5 carats), 3 cabochon-cut sapphires (2 carats).

The pocket lighter is made of 280 g solid gold set with 45 princess-cut sapphires (17 carats) and 8 cabochon-cut sapphires (14 carats).