Most expensive painting by elephants
Maesa Elephant Camp
20660 UK pound(s) sterling
Thailand (Chiang Mai)

The most expensive painting by a group of elephants, is 'Cold Wind, Swirling Mist, Charming Lanna I', which sold for 1.5 million baht (£20,660, US$39,000) to Panit Warin (Sinanta) (Thailand) on 19 February 2005 at Maesa Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The painting measured 2.4 m x 8 m (7 ft 10 in x 26 ft 3 in).

Half the painting remained in Chiang Mai, the other half was given to Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand.

The names of the eight elephants who painted it are (as in the Left to Right order of this photo used in the 2006 book: Kamsan (female), Kongkam (male), Wanpen (f), Punpetch (m), Duanpen (f), Songpun (m), Langkam (m) and Au Pod (m).

Mahouts: Mr. Chai Muangmor (for Kamsan) Mr. Rak-re Tatiya (for Kongkam) Mr. Wichien Am-Mart (for Wanpen) Mr. Mortula Densitkoon (for Punpetch) Mr. Artit Taw-Boonruang (for Duanpen) Mr. Kamjorn Tatiya (for Songpun) Mr. Kammoon Tongkao (for Lankam) Mr. Wichairat Kuikeaw (for Pu Ood). The elephant pictured here painting is Kamsan.