Most expensive jeans sold at auction online
60000 US dollar(s)
United States ()

An original pair of Levi Strauss & Co (USA) 501 jeans aged over 115 years old were sold by Randy Knight (USA) to an anonymous collector (Japan) for $60,000,00 (£33,230) through internet auction site eBay on 15 June 2005. There are said to be only two or three complete pairs of authentic pre-1900 Levi’s 501 jeans in existence and these are the first pair found that is still wearable. This particular pair of jeans was found by four friends in an abandoned-silver mine in the Mojave Desert, California, USA in 1998. They feature the distinctive Levi’s Arcuate stitching on the back of one pocket, the two horse leather patch (still intact), a watch pocket, a button fly and copper rivets. When found, the jeans had never been washed and it is thought that the slurry and mud from the mine helped with their preservation. They have since been washed and wrapped in unbleached muslin material to store them.