Most different makes of motorcycle in a parade
Asociación Automotriz del Perú
31 total number
Peru (Lima)
The most different makes of motorcycle in a parade is 31 at an event organised by the Asociación Automotriz del Perú (Peru) in Lima, Peru, on 7 July 2013. The parade was the third annual "Desfile Patrio" organised by the AAP for all the various motorcycle clubs in Peru. The course was 28 km in length going through the historic centre of Lima before going along the coast and finishing on one of the beaches. The 31 brands that took part are - Lambreta Trading K Artsun Ducati Kawasaki Lan Cxing Regal Raptor TVS Lifan Suzuki Ronco Sukida Daelim Sumo Um Honda BMW Triumph KTM Aprilia Davest C&C Motors Jaguar Italika Jinco Wanxin Piaggio Yamaha Mavila Cycler Harley Davidson