Most cured ham traditionally sliced in one hour
Diego Hernandez Palacios
10.04 kilogram(s)
Spain (Madrid,The trade fair - XXV Salon Internacional del Club del Gourmet, IFEMA, Madrid, Spain.)
The most slices of meat cut in one hour is the equivalent of 10.04 kg (2160 slices) and was achieved by Diego Hernandez Palacios (Spain) at IFEMA, Madrid, Spain on 12th April 2011. Castilla y Leon (Tierra de Sabor) were the sponsors of the event. Diego Hernandez beat his own previous record he had set in 2007. For this current attempt he trained for 3 months by going to the gym and cutting ham. On the actual day of the event, three legs of 'Jamon de Guijelo' ham were used, each weighing 6 kg. During the record attempt Ruben Armesto helped by sharpening the knives and preparing the hams.