Most cricket bat touches in one minute
Thomas Harrold
283 total number
United Kingdom (Great Bookham)

The most cricket bat touches in one minute is 283, achieved by Thomas Harrold (UK), in Great Bookham, Surrey, UK, on 21 June 2020.

Thomas (13) missed playing cricket after his season was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. His club, Effingham CC, encouraged everybody to keep improving their skills at home so Thomas began practicing 'keepie uppies' with the bat and ball. At first he could only just about manage 30 seconds, let alone the required number of touches. By his second day of practice he was doing a lot better and after reaching 100 in one minute he looked up the record and felt that it was a target he could train towards.

By the end of his second day practicing he managed 200 touches in one minute, having mastered the balance between keeping the ball on the bat and also hitting it really fast. Thomas took immense pride from the fact he beat Charlotte Edwards' total (195) and almost matched Stuart Broad (212) - both attempted the record as part of the event in which previous holder Wayne Madsen (South Africa) set the record with 282.

After six days of practice, Thomas was able to break the record and become "Officially Amazing". When asked what becoming a Guinness World Records title holder would mean to him, he said it "would mean so much... not many people can make to the top and be a world record holder. So if my evidence got accepted I would be delighted."