Most cosmetic makeovers in one hour (team of five)
Ana Karina Bezerra-Bresagk, Joanna Geeting-Bolesta, Marvin Nürenberg, Marina Schmitz, Janine Kramer, Sephora Deutschland
148 people
Germany (Sulzbach)

The most cosmetic makeovers in one hour by a team of five is 148 and was achieved by Sephora Deutschland (Germany) in Sulzbach, Germany, on 7 September 2018.

The five qualified make up artists doing the makeovers were Janine Kramer, Marina Schmitz, Marvin Nürenberg (all Germany) Joanna Geeting-Bolesta (USA) and Ana Karina Bezerra-Bresagk (Brazil).

Members of the public in Main-Taunus-Zentrum shopping centre received the makeovers, some of whom came early to queue. The record attempt was held to celebrate the opening of the first Sephora branch in Germany.