Most consecutive decades with top five albums (UK) (female)
Kylie Minogue
United Kingdom ()
Since her 1988 debut, the chart-topper Kylie, Australian actress-turned-vocalist Kylie Minogue has achieved at least one UK Top 5 album for four consecutive decades, her most recent success being the 2010 No.1 Aphrodite. In total, the singer has notched up nine Top 5 albums in the last four decades, including four in the 2000s alone. She reached the Top 5 twice in the 80s (Kylie, Enjoy Yourself), twice in the 90s (Greatest Hits, Kylie Minogue), four times in the 00s (Light Years, Fever, Ultimate Kylie, X) and once (as of August 2011) in the 10s (Aphrodite).