Most consecutive axe juggling catches
Benjamin Snow
937 total number
United States (American Fork)

The most consecutive axe juggling catches is 937, and was achieved by Benjamin Snow (USA) in American Fork, Utah, USA, on 12 August 2020.

Benjamin has been a lifelong fan of Guinness World Records, and often wondered which records he could attempt. Benjamin loved juggling when he was growing up, and was thrilled with the idea of holding a record in it, especially when considering the “danger” aspect of juggling axes.

Years ago, Benjamin had come up with a juggling routine where he juggled knives. 'I knew I wouldn’t have concerns over danger from the moment I discovered the record existed – the question was if I had enough physical endurance to handle the weight of the axes'. He applied for the record and bought the axes. It was a couple months of practicing before he knew that beating the previous record holder's number was going to be possible. Benjamin enjoyed juggling from a young age, and he always enjoyed coming up with routines that used different juggling objects – knives, bowling balls, drumsticks, etc. The weight of the axes was Benjamin's main concern, Benjamin kept the axes sheathed for additional safety while training. 'The videos I had seen of the previous record holders were with axes. Since I was determined to beat and hold this particular record, I’d say the axes chose me'. Initially, the training was very difficult for Benjamin. When he first started, he was barely hitting 200 consecutive catches, and his forearms would be very sore for a few days after. Within a few weeks, he was up to about 500 consecutive catches, and the soreness was not nearly as prominent the day after his sessions. As a lifelong fan of Guinness World Records, being a title holder would be a major accomplishment for Benjamin. 'I don’t have any of my diplomas framed, but I’m definitely going to pop this certification up on my wall in prominent display!'