Most awards won by a short film
Manasanamaha , Deepak Reddy, Shilpa Gajjala
513 total number
India (Hyderabad)

The most awards won by a short film is 513, and was achieved by Manasanamaha (India, 2020), by Deepak Reddy (India), as verified on 20 May 2022.

Produced by Shilpa Gajjala, Manasanamaha is a romantic comedy short about a young man musing on the nature of love, recounting three relationships from his past. The girls in his life resemble three different seasons, namely Chaitra (Spring), Varsha (Monsoon) and Seeta (Winter).

After a suggestion by a friend, Deepak initially applied for a few film festivals, after some really positive responses they were being entered into more and more film festivals and winning a huge number of awards!