Longest time in an abdominal plank position (female)
DonnaJean Wilde
4 hours 30 minutes 11 seconds hour(s):minute(s):second(s)
Canada (Magrath)

The longest time in an abdominal plank position (female) is 4 hr 30 min 11 sec, and was achieved by DonnaJean Wilde (Canada) in Magrath, Alberta, Canada on 21 March 2024.

DonnaJean, 58, was a teacher for many years at Magrath Elementary and Magrath High School; she also served as the high school's vice principal before recently retiring.

She began planking 12 years ago after she fell and broke her wrist, rendering her unable to run or lift weights while wearing a cast.

After rapidly increasing her plank time over the course of a few weeks, she incorporated the exercise into her daily fitness regimen - she now does it for up to three hours per day.

On the day of her record attempt, DonnaJean's family members, including all 12 of her grandchildren, came together to encourage her.

She ultimately beat the previous record by just over 10 minutes.

“My elbows hurt pretty bad,” she said afterwards.

“I was so worried about losing my form, and I think that’s why my quads hurt because I was just really tense.

“The last hour was the most challenging, just to stay focussed and keep my form.”

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