Longest sustained note on a wind or brass instrument
Hav Shambhu Kumar
1/23.04 minute(s):second(s)
India (New Delhi)

The longest sustained note on a wind or brass instrument is 1 min 23.04 sec and was achieved by Hav Shambhu Kumar (India) in New Delhi, Delhi, India, on 27 March 2021.

After breaking the Guinness World Records title for longest note on a conch shell, Hav decided that he had the ability to break this record title.

"Playing the bigul was a very difficult task for me, I practiced tirelessly for it. For me, the most difficult thing in it was to maintain a stability in blowing it. I used to play it for 1.35 minutes during the practice, but it was very difficult to maintain the it for a long. For this, I used to practice for two to three hours every day."

This Guinness World Records title will be a matter of great pride for Hav.

"My state and my country and motivate me further."