Longest solo motorcycle journey (female)
Benka Pulko
180016 kilometre(s)
Slovenia ()
Benka Pulko (Slovenia) travelled 180,016 km (111,856 miles) on her solo motorcycle journey through 69 countries and seven continents, which started in Ptuj, Slovenia, on 19 June 1997 and ended at the same location 2000 days later on 10 December 2002.

Believed to be the first ever motorcycle journey to take in 7 continents, the trip lasted exactly 2,000 days. Pulko managed a rather modest 110.01 km (68.35 miles) per day over the entire trip, but this does not take account of the numerous stops she made while awaiting visas and making other travel arrangements (e.g. to Antarctica).

Many photographs and news articles on CD ROMS in file.

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