Longest script for a graphic adventure videogame
Larry Fessenden, Graham Reznick, Until Dawn
1,000 total number
United States ()

For the PS4 survival horror adventure game Until Dawn (Sony/SuperMassive Games, 2015), screenwriters Graham Reznick and Larry Fessenden (both USA) claimed that they wrote 10,000 pages of dialogue – with Sony confirming that 1,000 pages were used in the final game. Until Dawn featured eight playable protagonists, with branching storylines that theoretically led to hundreds of possible outcomes. However, Reznick and Fessenden said that the epic script was partly due to the game’s lengthy development period, with the game having originally been announced as an action game in 2012.

In screenwriting, one page traditionally equates to one minute of dialogue/running time.

Reznick and Fessenden had previously worked across a number of indie horror films in a variety of capacities, including actor, writer and composer, with film credits including V/H/S, The Innkeepers and Habit.