Longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon
David Babcock
3.70 metre(s)
United States (Kansas City,Kansas City Marathon)
The longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon is 3.70 m (12 ft 1.75 in) and was knitted by David Babcock (USA) at the Kansas City Marathon in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, on 19 October 2013. David took up running in 2010 and learned to knit around the same time. After struggling to find time to practice both hobbies, David began to knit during his runs. Then, inspired by Susie Hewer, who held this record previously and had broken it three times at the London Marathon, David decided to attempt to knit the longest scarf whilst running a marathon. Knitting experts verified his scarf after he completed the marathon in a time of 5 hr 48 min 27 sec and it was also professionally measured. In honour of Susie Hewer's previous achievements in this field, David ran for the same Alzheimer's Research charity that Susie runs for. Susie also congratulated David for his achievement on her website.