Longest-running comic strip still syndicated
The Katzenjammer Kids
Rudolph Dirks' newspaper strip The Katzenjammer Kids celebrated its 117th anniversary on 12 December 2014. The strip, which features the adventures of a pair of rebellious twins of German-American origins named Hans and Fritz, was first published in the New York Journal on 12 December 1897. The strip is now drawn by cartoonist Hy Eisman and is syndicated to 50 newspapers by King Features Syndicate. Dirks drew the strip for the first 15 years of its existence. He left the strip in a disagreement with its publisher over his plans to take a break from the relentless work of daily strip production. He was replaced by Harold H Knerr, who would produce Katzenjammer strips through to 1949, but in a series of legal actions won the right to produce his own strip featuring Hans and Fritz for a rival publisher. Dirks' strip, eventually titled The Captain and the Kids, ran until 1979.