Longest live TV documentary broadcast
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
134/42/45 day(s):hour(s):minute(s):second(s)
Norway (Bergen)
The longest non-stop live television documentary was the complete Hurtigruten (The Norwegian Coastal Express) northbound voyage by MS Nordnorge from Bergen to Kirkenes, Norway, which lasted a total of 134 hr 42 min 45 sec and was broadcast by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s second largest channel TV NRK 2 (Norway) from 16 to 22 June 2011. The programme started at 19:45:00 on 16 June, 15 minutes before the Norwegian Coastal Express sailed off from Bergen, on the western coast of Norway and it provided uninterrupted coverage of MS Nordnorge’s journey to its destination, the docks in Kirkenes, on the Norwegian-Russian border, at 10:27:45 on the morning of 22 June 2011. The full broadcast was also streamed live online on www.nrk.no. A total of 11 cameras, both fixed and handheld, captured views along the route, which included the western fjords with UNESCO-listed Geiranger, the coast of Helgeland, the Lofoten Islands, Tromsø - known as the polar capital of Norway and the North Cape. There were no breaks during the broadcast, with no stops for commercials or news. However, due to satellite shadow at some points, the Master Controlroom (MCR) at NRK HQ in Oslo ran archive footage while awaiting the return of the signal.