Longest knitted scarf - individual
Helge Johansen
4565.46 metre(s)
Norway (Oslo)

The longest knitted scarf measures 4,565.46 m (14,978 ft 6.16 in) long and was achieved by Helge Johansen (Norway), in Oslo, Norway, on 12 November 2013.

It’s taken nimble-fingered Norwegian Helge 30 years to knit his neck-warmer to an incredible 4,565.46 m – as long as 550 London double-decker buses or sufficient to stretch the entire length of Central Park in Manhattan, New York, USA. In order to measure his knitwear for Guinness World Records Day 2013, Helge unravelled his scarf – which he usually keeps in a ball – in a sports centre in Oslo, Norway, snaking the scarf in dozens of tight loops.