Longest journey by fire engine
Steve Moore
United Kingdom (London)

The longest journey by a fire engine is 50,957 km (31,663 miles) long and was achieved by Stephen Moore (UK), who started his journey from Greenwich, UK, on 18 July 2010 and finished it at the same place, on 10 April 2011.

Stephen was supported throughout his journey by his crew: Chris Moore, Ross Shepley-Smith, George Troughton, Ben Battye, Ben Haslett, James Morrow, David Orders, Ailsa Fereday, Paul Barham, James Stevens, Michelle Mahoney, Lyndsey Baker, Seve Poderoso, Amy Harpin, Louise Mahoney, Fuad Sulejmanovic, Kate Bartishel, Chris Hallward, Rob Poderoso, Valerie Keith, Gemma Rowlan, Steve Shoppman, Matt Haynes and Mehul Patel (all UK), who took turns to accompany him.

The fire engine was a Mercedes 1124 AF named Martha, which was designed for short and quick journeys.