Longest journey by aquabike (jetski)
Marinus Du Plessis & Adriaan Marais
17266.69 kilometre(s)
Panama (Panama City)

The longest ever journey on an aquabike (PWC) is 17,266.69 km (10,729 miles), by Adriaan Marais and Marinus du Plessis (both South Africa), who followed the west coast of North America south to the Panama Canal. They arrived in Panama City, Panama, after 95 days of navigation, on 19 September 2006. Using a satellite phone and a laptop computer they tote in a waterproof case, the men have updated a daily web diary at www.13000miles.com. They spent an averae of 10 hours a day at sea cruising at an average of about 40 mph. They endured choppy, chilly sea, dehydration, mechanical breakdowns and makeshift lodgins including at Fort Bragg's harbour where a dock-leaping sea lion startled them at 2 a.m. in their sleeping bags.