Largest parade of hearses
Funerex Africa
122 total number
South Africa (Midrand)

The largest parade of hearses is 122, and was achieved by Funerex Africa (South Africa) in Midrand, South Africa, on 17 March 2022.

Funerex wanted to do this attempt as they believed it would be unifying for the funeral industry in South Africa by bringing various funeral associations together and to put them on the map (both locally and globally) in a positive light and to foster industry pride and relevance.

After the past 2 years journeying with Covid-19 in South Africa, it has taken a toll on the funeral industry emotionally, physically and mentally. Many parlours stated how it was nice to have something positive and fun to look forward to together in the form of the record attempt. Lucky prizes were on offer to participants in the parade, such as hearse decks and graveside set ups.