Longest line of drink cans
Bridge FM Radio Ltd and Bridgend County Borough Council
United Kingdom (Bridgend)
The longest drinks can line consisted of 106,300 cans and was constructed by participants from Bridge FM Radio LTD and Bridgend County Borough Council (both UK) at the Bridgend Recreation Centre, Glamorgan County, Wales, on 26 November 2009. The amount of cans lined up was to correspond with Bridge FM's frequency (106.3 FM). They started at 08.47 and finished on 21.57 on the same day. When complete, the line spanned a length of just over 6.37 km. The initiative was run by the station and backed by the council, in order to remind the borough about the importance of recycling. They called the initiative 'Metal Miles 2009: Bringing the Record Home', as they had previously set the initial record which was broken in 2007, and so wanted to re-claim the record. The cans used in the attempt were collected by Bridge FM listeners and sent to the station. Over 40 schools and numerous local businesses helped to collect them.