Longest domestic cat living
120 centimetre(s)
Italy (Vigevano)

The longest domestic cat living measures 120 cm (3 ft 11.2 in) and was achieved by Barivel (Italy), in Vigevano, Pavia, Italy, as verified on 22 May 2018.

Barivel is a Maine Coon who, despite his size, is a very quiet and shy cat. He has his own Instagram profile and receives many comments asking about his size. His favourite dishes include fish (especially tuna) and chicken.

In his owners’ local Italian dialect, Barivel means clown or jolly.

Previous holders


Ludo longest domestic cat former record holder

Ludo was the record holder before Barivel. At the time of verification, 6 October 2015, Ludo measured 118.33 cm (3 ft 10.59 in). Kelsey Gill, Ludo’s owner, decided to get a Maine Coon cat after having watched Harry Potter and researched into the big breeds of cats.

Ludo being so long was quite clumsy for a cat, although he tried to hide, due to its size, he was always easy to find. Ludo loves being stroked and groomed, he likes curling up in bed close to Kelsey while she reads.

Mymains Stewart Gillligan

Stewie longest cat former record holder

Ludo’s predecessor, Mymains Steward Gilligan or Stewie for short, measured an astonishing 123 cm (4 ft 0.42 in) and was also a Maine Coon, he lived with owners Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness (USA).

Stewie was a certified therapy animal and often visited Reno senior centre and helped to promote animal welfare awareness with the Nevada Humane Society.

Unfortunately, Stewie passed away in February 2013 after his fight with cancer, he still remains the longest domestic cat ever. Stewie also held the Guinness World Records title for longest tail on a domestic cat living, measuring 41.5 cm (16.34 in).

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Scarlett's Magic

Before Stewie broke the living and all time record titles, Scarlett’s Magic was the longest domestic cat living, measuring 108.51 cm (42.72 in). Scarlett’s Magic was a TICA recognised domestic Savannah cat breed, who also held the record for tallest domestic cat living reaching a height of 41.87 cm (16.48 in) when verified in December 2009.


Snowbie longest domestic cat former record holder

Snowbie, a snowy white cat owned by Lorna Sutherland of Ellon, Aberdeenshire, UK, measured 103 cm (3 ft 4 in) as verified on November 1997, when he was four years old. His height to the shoulder was 37 cm (14.56 in) and his tail measured 31 cm (12.20 in).