Longest career as a theatre producer for the same production
Vado Souza
Brazil (São Paulo)

The longest career as a theatre producer of the same production is 40 years 7 months and was achieved by Vado Souza (Brazil) in his one-man show "O Navio Negreiro" from 23 October 1971 to May 2012. A certificate was presented to Vado after a special performance at Churrascaria Vento Haragano, São Paulo, Brasil, on 17 May 2012. Vado Souza (b.15 Jan 1948) began his adult life as a footballer for FC Guarani Campinas before embarking on his acting career. The play "O Navio Negreiro" (The Slave Ship) is an adaptation of Castro Alves' poem of the same name that was crucial in the eventual abolishiment of the slave trade in Brazil. Vado plays 16 characters and the performance lasts between 90-100 minutes which he also directs. He has performed the show in Spanish and even English when touring. In recent years he has principally toured universities and schools with the poem and now the play an important part of Brazilian culture.