Longest span arch bridge
Pingnan Third Bridge
575 metre(s)
China (Pingnan)

The longest arch bridge is the Pingnan Third Bridge, a road crossing which spans the Xunjiang river near Pingnan in Guangxi, China. The bridge, which was opened for traffic on 28 December 2020, has a main span of 575 m (1,886 ft), and an overall length of 1,035 m (3,395 ft).

The Pingnan Third Bridge is what's called a through-arch bridge, in which the deck is suspended below the load-bearing arch by cables. The arch itself was constructed using a method called concrete-filled steel tube (CFST), which combines the benefits of both steel and concrete construction. The solid-infill of the steel tubes prevents them from buckling, while the confining effect of the tube prevents the concrete from cracking and protects it from the elements.