Longest bra chain
Jennifer Jolicoeur, The Athena's Cup, Athena's Home Novelties, Inc.
196,564 total number
United States (Woonsocket)
The longest bra chain consists of 196,564 bras, and was achieved by Jennifer Jolicoeur, Athena’s Home Novelties, Inc., and The Athena’s Cup (all USA) at River’s Edge Park, in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA, on 16 October 2019.
The completed bra chain measures 200.48 km (124.57 mi) long, and was displayed on a field in River's Edge Park looped in a 38 m x 38 m (124 ft x 124 ft) square, piled 1 m (3 ft) high. Jennifer Jolicoeur was inspired to break the record in this category over a decade ago in honor of a friend diagnosed with breast cancer. Through her company, Athena's Home Novelties, Inc., Jennifer set up a charity called The Athena's Cup, whose mission was to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research by using the ultimate goal of breaking the record title for Longest Bar Chain. Over ten years The Athena's Cup collected used bras from women and families all over North America to be used in the chain. Many of the bras bear handwritten messages, from the names of loved ones lost to breast cancer, to words of encouragement from survivors and supporters. Finally having collected enough bras, The Athena's Cup organized hundreds of volunteers of all ages from near and far to assemble the bra chain over ten grueling 12-hour days during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Once assembled, the record-breaking chain of donated bras serves as a moving illustration of all the lives that are affected by breast cancer.