Longest applause
Clark Stevens, The Festival of Awesomeness
02:05:00 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)
United Kingdom (Coventry)

The longest applause is 2 hr 5 min, achieved by Clark Stevens and The Festival of Awesomeness (both UK), in Coventry, UK, on 20 July 2019.

This record attempt was organised to raise awareness of mental health and the importance of remembering to celebrate ourselves for our achievements, no matter how big or small.

The event also raised money for the charity Papyrus, who Clark has raised over £10,000 for so far, including with a 124 mile run from London to Coventry.

Clark set up the Festival of Awesomeness in memory of his brother Lloyd Richard Stevens who was lost to suicide aged 18. The festival is an annual celebration of the unique spark in each and every one of us which drives us to exceed expectations.

He says achieving a Guinness World Records title would "mean the absolute world to me. This event was in memory of my brother Lloyd on what would have been his 40th Birthday. Losing my brother at an early age changed my life and sent me down a path of depression, and then a discovery of mental health. After years I have finally built myself up to be able to talk about this and share a passion for life with others, and now completing this event on his birthday will personally be the greatest thing I can give back to my brother. As not only will I have achieved a Guinness World Records title for him upon his 40th birthday with his friends and family, I will have also been able to have my brothers name printed on a certificate as recognition of him."

On the attempt itself, Clark explained how at the beginning of the attempt the 73 participants "didn’t believe they could do it, but to see the expectancy on people faces, the inspiration and excitement rise as they began to realise they could actually do it, and the feeling at the end when they completed it and hugged and cheered with the person next to them, was amazing."