Largest wind turbine
Haliade-X, General Electric, GE Renewable Energy
220 m dimension(s)
Netherlands (Rotterdam)

The largest wind turbine in operation is the General Electric Haliade-X, which stands 260 m (853 ft) tall and has a rotor diameter of 220 m (721 ft). The first prototype Haliade-X was assembled for testing in the port of Rotterdam on 17 Oct 2019.

The rotor blades on the Haliade-X are 107 m (351-ft) long with a 6-m (19-ft 8-in) diameter hub. The Haliade series of wind turbines is made by GE Wind (Offshore), a European subsidiary of the US-based multinational formerly known as Alstom Wind. The bulk of the manufacturing for the Haliade series takes place in St Nazaire and Cherbourg, France.

The original version of the Haliade-X had a rated capacity of 12 MW, but after the initial round of testing, this was upgraded to 13 MW. In January 2020, the Haliade-X 13-MW prototype set a new 24-hour power generation record, with an output of 288 MW/h in one day. The size of this turbine means that a single rotation of the rotor generates enough electricity to power an average home for more than two days.

The Haliade-X has been chosen for the massive Dogger Bank Wind Farm project, which is a group of wind farms under construction in the middle of the North Sea. When completed these wind farms will have 190 Haliade 13-MW turbines for a total generating capacity of 4.8 GW.