Largest submarine
Russian 941 Akula
26,500 tonnes (171.5 m) tonne(s)/metric ton(s)
Not Applicable (Severodvinsk, White Sea)

The worlds largest submarines are the Russian 941 Akula (designated 'Typhoon' by NATO) class. The launch of the first at the secret covered shipyard at Severodvinsk in the White Sea was announced by NATO on 23 Sep 1980. The vessels are believed to have a dived displacement of 26,500 tonnes (58.422 million lb), to measure 171.5 m (562 ft 7 in) overall and to be armed with 20 multiple warhead SS-N-20 missiles with a range of 8300 km (4500 nautical miles). It is thought less than five remain in service.

These should not be confused with the 971-Shuka B class, which was designated Akula by NATO. Akula means shark in Russian.

UK The largest submarines ever built for the Royal Navy are the four nuclear-powered vessels of the Vanguard class, Vanguard, Victorious, Vigilant and Vengeance, laid down in 1986-93, with HMS Vanguard commissioned in 1993 and Victorious in 1995. They are 150 m 491 ft 8 in long, have a beam of 12.8 m 42 ft, a draught of 12 m 39 ft 4 in and have a dived displacement of 15,900 tonnes.