Largest prawn/shrimp cocktail
Lacides Venera
1,320 kilogram(s)
Colombia (Cartagena)

The largest prawn cocktail weights 1,320 Kg (2,910 lb 1.6 oz) and was prepared by Lacides Venera Morillo, Ostreria Del Mar Rojo "La del Sombrero Vueltiao" (Colombia) at Plaza de la Aduana, in Cartagena de Indias, Bolivar, Colombia, on 19 July 2015.

For the attempt, a 3 meter high, 2,000 kg heavy cup was created. 821,5 Kg of shrimp, 226,5 liters of ketchup,107 Kg of onions, 86 liters of garlic vinaigrette, 34 liters of lemon juice, 26.5 liters of mayonnaise and 18.25 Kg of vegetables were used.

All of the cocktail was distributed after the record among the 14,000 visitors to the event.