Largest PLAYMOBIL® display
Aesclick, Association of Spanish Collectibles of Playmobil
68808 total number
Spain (Barbastro,The Pavillion at trade the show, in Barbastro, Spain.)
The largest Playmobil® display consists of 68,808 figurines and was achieved by Aesclick, The Spanish Association of collectibles of Playmobil (Spain), in Barbastro, Spain on 26 September 2010. Playmobil® are a line of toys or figurines and are considered collectible items all over the world. Aesclick, who are the Association of Spanish collectibles of Playmobil® organised this attempt in order to arrange a public display of the figurines, in one place at a trade show, in Brabastro. With Aeslick organising many events, trade shows and competitions for playmobil enthusiasts, this was yet another way of doing this and is open for the public to view.