Largest pendulum-regulated clock
Smith of Derby Ltd, Ganzhou Expressway Company Limited
China (Ganzhou)
The largest pendulum regulated clock measures 12.8 m (41 ft 11.94 in) in diameter and was commissioned by the Ganzhou Expressway Company Limited (China) as a feature public clock of the Harmony Tower in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, China. The mechanical clock, known as the Harmony Clock, was designed and built by Smith of Derby Ltd (UK).
The mechanical clock is regulated solely by the a 2-seconds, 13-foot-long swinging pendulum. It features four stainless steel dials almost twice the size of those on the Houses of Parliament, innovative carbon fibre hands weighing a mere 65 to 70 kg and toughed steel gears. The clock is automatically wound, with a bell striking hourly and marking sunrise. The clock also strikes once on the half hour. The final design incorporates the message that “Time is Fair to Everybody” and “Everyone should Treasure Time” which were taken directly from the Mayor of Ganzhou’s public announcement of the project. The 120-m (393 ft) high Harmony Tower, situated as the centre piece of a new mixed use development park, is dedicated to the clock and features a “Time Gallery” as a story of time keeping throughout the ages of human evolution. Visitors can also inspect the movement, which is made from hardened steel with bronze finishing and brass and gold-plated components. A rotating restaurant and exhibition space are also features within the tower. The English clock maker Smith of Derby Ltd was founded in 1856 by the Smith family and is still family owned today.