Largest parade of motorised tricycles/trikes
AEON Motor co., LTD
141 total number
Chinese Taipei (Tainan)

The largest parade of motorised tricycles/trikes consists of 141 participants and was achieved by AEON Motor Co. Ltd (Chinese Taipei) in Tainan County, Chinese Taipei on 18 June 2016.

The first rider in the parade crossed the start line after 3:44pm and the final rider in the parade crossed the finish line just before 4:01pm. The course was 5.7km in length. All the trike riders were Taiwanese.

The trikes used in this record attempt were the model 3D-350. This model was allowed to be ridden on public roads in Taiwan since 2015, and currently around 600 have been licenced in Taiwan. Aeon's major export markets are France and Italy.

Aeon Motor's factory has been open for 18 years and has been an OEM manufacturer for Yamaha and Polaris.