Largest paper aircraft
Braunschweig Institute of Technology
18.21 metre(s)
Germany (Braunschweig)

The largest paper aircraft, with a wing span of 18.21 m (59.74 ft), was constructed by the students and employees of the Braunschweig Institute of Technology (Germany), in Braunschweig, Germany on 28 September 2013. The aircraft was launched from a horizontal platform which was 2.47 m high (8.10 ft) and flew a distance of 18 m (59.05 ft). It was constructed from paper with a weight of 147 gsm. 14 people spend 1,200 hours to construct it.

Dimensions, length of the hull 5.16 m (16.92 ft), width of the wings (widest point) 1.02 m (3.34 ft), width of the wings (highest point) 31cm (101 ft), height of the tail 92 cm (3.01 ft), total weight 24 kg (52.91 lb). The attempt was carried out in an aircraft hangar at Braunschweig Airport.