Largest paint brush
LCC KIDZ 2015 Summer Art Camp, Fred Hedemark, LCC KIDZ Leader, Jan McKim, LCC KIDZ Leader , Ivan Giljam LCC KIDZ Leader
11.52 metre(s)
United States (Bluffton)

The largest paint brush measures 11.52 m (37.80 ft) in length and was created by LCC KIDZ 2015 Summer Art Camp, organised by co-leaders Fred Hedemark, Ivan Giljam and Jan McKim (all USA), in Bluffton, South Carolina, USA on 6 December 2015.

The paint brush weighs a total of 77.56 kg (171 lbs). LCC KIDZ Summer Art Camp is a community outreach program whose objective is to instill interest and excitement in the minds and hearts of children regarding the art world, with the hope that the children will be stimulated to create art.