Largest online Ludo / Pachisi tournament
4722 people
Spain (Barcelona)
The largest online Ludo tournament featured 4722 competitors and was organised by (Spain) who played Parchís on 27 September 2010. Parchís is one of a large number of variants of the classic 'Cross and Circle' style games, where players rolls dice to move a set number of markers around a board, with the aim of completing the circuit before the other players. Parchís is commonly played in Spain. In the UK it is frequently referred to as Ludo (hence the record title) and in the USA the name 'Parcheesi' is fairly common All are descendants of Pachisi, supposedly the national board game of India, and which historically has used cowry shells rather than dice (with 6-7 thrown per turn and the player moving the number of spaces indicated by the number of shells that land face-up).