Largest mouth harp ensemble
Nikolay Kychkin
Russian Federation (Yakutsk ,Yakutia)
The largest mouth harp or Jew Harp or Khomus ensemble was achieved by 1,344 people on 24 June 2011 at the Yakutsk National Circus, Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha. The ensemble was made up of professional and amateur musicians from across the Yakutian province and international Khomus players attending the international congress. The ensemble was led by Albina Degtyareva, a famous Khomus player. Also taking place in Yakutsk at the same time was the 7th International Jew Harp/Khomus Congress - officially called "VII International Congress-Festival “Khomus (trump) in the Cultural Dimensions of the World”. The certificate presentation was made on 25th June 2011 at Ysyakh - the national holiday in Yakutia - and Egor Borisov, president of Yakutia, accepted the certificate on behalf of the all those who took part.