Largest mezuzah
Eduard Yusupov, Mikhail Yusupov, Rabbi Yehuda Peretz, Rabbi Binyamin Rachmanov
1.15 square metre(s)
Israel (Jerusalem)

The largest Mezuzah measures 1.15 m² (12 ft² 55 in²), achieved by Eduard and Mikhail Yusupov (both USA), scribed by Rabbi Yehuda Peretz, and produced by Rabbi Binyamin Rachmanov (both Israel) in Jerusalem, Israel, on 10 April 2019.

The Mezuzah was presented on the roof of Aish HaTorah, a yeshiva overlooking the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The measurements of the Mezuzah are 143.3 cm (4 ft 8 in) in length, 80.3 cm (2 ft 7 in) in width with a container of 153 cm (5 ft) in length.