Largest mask
12.70/8.50/72.29 metre(s)
Greece (Xanthi,The Athletic Sport Centre 'Filippos Amiridis')
The largest mask measures 12.70 m (41 ft 8 in) in height and 8.50 m (27 ft 10.64 in) in width, with a total surface area of 72.29 m² (778 ft² and 17.72 in²). The mask was unveiled in celebration of the 2011 Xanthi Carnival, during the Thracian Folk Festival, in Xanthi, Greece, on 5 March 2011. The character of the mask is 'Karagiozis', a traditional folk figure in Greece. The mask was made by the artist Fotis Stergiou out of 150 pieces of styrofoam which were cut out over approximately 4 weeks and then glued together by the artist and a team of 10 people over 8 days. The underneath of the mask is totally carved out and has holes where the eyes and mouth would be.