Largest human art figure
Australia (Finniss Springs,Marree)

A giant outline of a naked aboriginal man, measuring 4.2 km (2.6 miles)in length and so vast that it can only be seen from the air, appeared at Finniss Springs, near Marree, South Australia in July 1998 to become the largest ever representation of the human form. The 'lines' of the figure are 35 m (115 ft) wide and measure 28 km (17 miles) around. No-one has yet owned up to the 'Marree Man' and theories about its creation still abound, with many believing that the only people with the technology to create a drawing of this scale with such accuracy are personnel at a nearby US base.

The figure, carrying a spear, is thought to have been etched by a plough, possibly drawn by a tractor, although no tractor marks were found nearby. (All police had to go on was a small American flag and a brief note, thought to refer to the Branch Dravidian cult in the USA, found at the centre of the drawing.)

The outline was found by a group from Marree who flew over a plateau north of the town after being given directions in anonymous faxes, which claimed it was the largest portrayal of the human form in the world.
Subsequent reports suggest the figure has largely faded away due to wind erosion. Academics have sought to search the artistic source for the figure from records.