Largest harp ensemble
Sonidos de la Tierra
420 people
Paraguay (Asuncion)
The largest harp ensemble involved 420 participants directed by Luis Szaran at an event organized by “Sonidos de la Tierra” (Paraguay) during the 7th Festival Mundial del Arpa held in Asunción, Paraguay, on 26 October 2013. The ensemble played 'Pajaro Campana' and 'Carreta Guy'. All participants had auditioned for the attempt with professional harpists, harp teachers and students of the Sonidos de Tierra programme taking part - the youngest participant was aged eight, the oldest over 70. People traveled from across Paraguay for this record attempt and there were people from Brazil, the furthest participant was from England and had been present (but not participated) in the previous record in Scotland in 2006. The two songs were played together without any gaps and lasted just over six minutes, Pajaro Campan written by Ampelio Villalba is a typical Paraguayan polka while Carreta Guy composed by José del Rosario Diarte is also a typical Paraguayan song. Sonidos de la Tierra promotes social integration through music and is directed by Luis Szaran who states "the young person who plays Mozart during the day doesn't go breaking into cars at night"